I am Amy Maggard, owner and operator of Discover Modeling, Inc.   I have lived and raised my family in the  Columbus area while working in the advertising business. I modeled for many companies such as: Limited, Schottenstein’s and Lazarus (Now Macy's). Currently I am a free-lance food/fashion stylist and I have worked for clients such as: Wendy's, Lyon Video, Kroger’s, Arby’s and UPN 53 Columbus.                                           

I created Discover Modeling in 1991 to help others not only advance their modeling skills, but gain self-confidence and public appeal. I teach workshops that focus on many areas such as: visual poise and posture, hair and makeup, terminology and techniques. The workshops include a photo shoot and a list of reputable agencies along with much more information.

Discover Modeling also offers Fashion Show Birthday Parties, Girl Scouts, Summer Camps, Bridal Party Workshops, Pageant Training, and Corporate Seminars.