Day of the Wedding

Working as a stylist and having three daughters and a son get married, Amy knows the importance of having someone, a professional, that you can count on and trust.  Amy is not a wedding planner, per se.  Amy knows how fun the planning can be for the family.  It is the presentation of all those plans that can be let down if someone is not available to help.  While a mom needs to be with their daughter or future daughter-in-law, you do not want to worry.  This is where the services of Amy Maggard as a stylist/perfectionist come in.  Amy will make sure all the details have been executed from table settings, decorations, to hair and makeup or perhaps something may have been left at home.  Amy will be your personal assistant for the big event!


Brides are you feeling a little self conscious about your wedding day?  Discover Modeling has a three week program that can help!  Only one and a half hours for three weeks or a one day five hour workshop just for the Bride.

Bridal Party Shower/Workshop

Afternoon tea or perhaps start off your bachelorette party at

Discover Modeling.  The Bridal party will enjoy a brief explanation and demonstration on visual poise and posture, hair and makeup, table manners and how to pose in front of the camera.

These skills are not only good for the wedding day, but everyday living.  Your friends and family will be grateful for the knowledge and you will be a proud bride!

*Bridal party shower will include paper products and decorations in your

themed colors.

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for pricing.