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Summer Camp!


June 17-21, 2019

July 22-26, 2019

Camp includes:  snacks, bookbag, tee shirts, and many other goodies.
Cost is $150.00


Discover Modeling Inc is a Finishng and Modeling School designed to teach children interested in the modeling industry how to pose comfortably in front of the camera, prepare for a TV commercial and walk on the runway. 

Discover Modeling Inc Summer Camp is the place to learn these skills, along with basic manners, and social graces. I have designed this program to help our children respect others by undertanding, appreciating and practicing good manners. Learning these life skills will not only help with modeling jobs but every day life. The camp includes topics such as:
*Visual poise and posture
*Hair and makeup 
*Good manners 
*Letter writing
*Photo shoot 
*Runway modeling 

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